Docker Development

You'll need to complete prepare before you do this.


To use Docker, you only need to install Docker and Docker Compose.

# Arch-based distro
sudo pacman -S docker docker-compose

# Debian-based distro
sudo apt install docker-compose


First copy the variables,

Set HATSU_DOMAIN to your prepared domain (e.g. without https://)

and HATSU_PRIMARY_ACCOUNT to your desired user domain (e.g. without https://)

# copy env example
cp .env.example .env
# edit env
nano .env

Then create the database file and run:

# create database
touch hatsu.sqlite3
# run hatsu
docker-compose up -d

If there is no build image, it will be built automatically at execution time. Hatsu uses cargo-chef in the Dockerfile, which caches dependencies to avoid duplicate build dependencies.

If you need to rebuild, add the --build flag:

docker-compose up -d --build