Local Development

You'll need to complete prepare before you do this.


To develop Hatsu, you should first install Rust and some dependencies.

# Arch-based distro
sudo pacman -S git cargo openssl

# Debian-based distro
sudo apt install git cargo libssl-dev


First copy the variables,

Set HATSU_DOMAIN to your prepared domain (e.g. hatsu.example.com without https://)

and HATSU_PRIMARY_ACCOUNT to your desired user domain (e.g. blog.example.com without https://)

# copy env example
cp .env.example .env
# edit env
nano .env

Then create the database file and run:

# create database
touch hatsu.sqlite3
# run hatsu
cargo run

Hatsu now listen on localhost:3939, and in order for it to connect to Fediverse, you'll also need to set up a reverse proxy.