There are two types of redirects required by Hatsu:

  1. Well Known files, redirecting them to make your username searchable.

    • before:
    • after: https://hatsu.local/.well-known/webfinger?
  2. Requests accept of type application/activity+json, redirecting them to make your page searchable.

    • before:
    • after: https://hatsu.local/posts/

There are many ways to redirect them and you can pick one you like:

with Static files and Markup

This should apply to most hosting services and SSG.

with Redirects file

Works with Netlify and Cloudflare Pages.

with Platform-Specific Configuration

Works with Netlify and Vercel.

with Aoba (Lume & Hono)

SSG plugin for Lume and Server Middleware for Deno Deploy and Netlify.