Redirecting with Static files and Markup

This should apply to most hosting services and SSG.

Well Known

For the .well-known/* files, you need to get the corresponding contents from the hatsu instance and output them as a static file.

Replace hatsu.local with your Hatsu instance and with your site.

Open your Hatsu instance home page in a browser and F12 -> Console to run:

// .well-known/webfinger
await fetch('https://hatsu.local/.well-known/webfinger?').then(res => res.text())
// .well-known/nodeinfo
await fetch('https://hatsu.local/.well-known/nodeinfo').then(res => res.text())
// .well-known/host-meta
await fetch('https://hatsu.local/.well-known/host-meta').then(res => res.text()).then(text => text.split('\n').map(v => v.trim()).join(''))
// .well-known/host-meta.json
await fetch('https://hatsu.local/.well-known/host-meta.json').then(res => res.text())

This will fetch their text contents, which you need to save to the SSG equivalent of the static files directory and make sure they are output to the .well-known folder.

AS2 Alternate

Only Mastodon and Misskey (and their forks) is known to support auto-discovery, other software requires redirection to search correctly. w3c/activitypub#310

Make your posts searchable on Fediverse by setting up auto-discovery.

Since Hatsu's object URLs are predictable, you just need to make sure:

  • The page you want to set up for auto-discovery is in the Feed.
  • The actual URL of the page is the same as in the Feed. (see ./feed)

That's it! For, just add the following tag to the document.head:

Replace hatsu.local with your Hatsu instance.

<link rel="alternate" type="application/activity+json" href="https://hatsu.local/posts/" />