Hatsu is a self-hosted bridge that interacts with Fediverse on behalf of your static site.

Normally it can do all the:

  • When a Fediverse user searches for a user of your site (, redirects to the corresponding user of the Hatsu instance.
  • When a Fediverse user searches for your site URL (, redirects to the corresponding post on the Hatsu instance.
  • Accepts follow requests and pushes new posts to the follower's homepage as they become available.
  • Receive replies from Fediverse users and backfeed to your static site.

Best of all, these are fully automated! Just set it up once and you won't need to do anything else.


Hatsu is still a Work-In-Progress. It is similar to Bridgy Fed but different:

  • Hatsu uses Feed (JSON / Atom / RSS) as a data source instead of HTML pages with microformats2.
  • Hatsu doesn't require you to automatically or manually send Webmention reminders for create and update, it's all fully automated.
  • Hatsu is ActivityPub only, which means it doesn't handle Nostr, AT Protocol (Bluesky) or other protocols.

If you don't want to self-host, you may still want to use Bridgy Fed or Bridgy in some cases:

Bridgy Fed

  • You don't mind compatibility with platforms other than Mastodon.
  • Your site has good microformats2 markup.


  • You already have a Fediverse account ready to be used for this purpose.
  • Your site has good microformats2 markup.